I’ll never forget when Victor said, “sometimes, you just don’t bring it out of that person.” It being the will to love you. This is one of those times, I don’t see how I can get you to love me. I don’t see us gaining that closeness you have with your other friends. Whatever it is that keeps us from getting to know each other, if we really saw something worth taking and having, I think we’d bring it out of each other: the boldness to fall, to care, to love, to give and share in each other’s interests and happiness. That is what we do not have. Even if the physical attraction were there, even if the pull were really strong, in the end, at least in my part, I would hope, I’m too rational now to get pulled in that direction.

This thread, and this madness, ends here. I don’t want to be merely desired. I want to be loved.