Obviously, what I’d hope would be a sudden transition into the days before the madness did not ensue. It was foolish to expect it. So for the next three months, 12 weeks or 84 days, I’d have to tolerate this amorphous, not-like, not-hate but general feeling of discomfort and wary friendliness around you.

Today, your presence took up too much of my awareness. I couldn’t not hear you sniffle or clear your throat. I heard every word you didn’t say to me. And when you did speak to me, the moment you said my name my head went blank and all I heard were people laughing at some joke you made.

Still, I managed to stay away, to look away, despite the fact you looked really good today.

Most importantly, when I saw you with her, I felt happy again for you two. I will take that thought with me, as I inch away from you, in the next 84 days.