I want to try to write everyday. Today it will be about the things that worry me.

I am worried about my dog. He has been lethargic lately. I am worried that my dog that just died may have harbored a parasite, and it is only manifesting itself in my other dogs now. I do not know how to make him feel better.

I am worried about giving up, and not allowing myself to love again, because of my dog that died. I am worried about not knowing how to love, or to be hurt, or to be human at all.

I am worried about my friends, and how little I care. I feel myself floating in a haze, disconnected, and I am worried that I am too tired to find my way and forge the old connections.

I am worried about being tired, tired all the time, of everything, of everyone. I am worried that I am not myself, and that I do not know how to be that anymore.